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triangle7 Steps to Discovering True Prosperity in Your Career - Self Study Course

When you think of the short list of people you know who are living their dreams, are you on that list?

I believe America’s most crippling epidemic is this: People are not developing and using their gifts and talents.  Maybe it’s because they never took the time to truly discover them, or they simply are not tapping into them.  People have traded in their God given gifts and passions for what society tells them is important.

As a result, statistics show that most people are disillusioned with their career. They are not happy or satisfied with where their life is taking them.

I believe that this dissatisfaction is a major cause of negative symptoms in our society:  prolonged stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and other destructive conditions. 

In fact, a study done by the British Medical Journal showed that people dissatisfied with their jobs are much more likely to develop heart disease when compared to peoples whose jobs seem meaningful.

Don’t get caught up in the collateral damage that follows those who neglect their gifts, talents and passions!

         The collateral damage of not reaching your potential

         The collateral damage of too much unnecessary stress

         The collateral damage of not making an impact

         The collateral damage of Surviving, instead of Thriving

You will spend 1/3 of your adult life in your career.  Why not make your career work for YOU rather than YOU working for your career?

This course was created for both the career person and the stay at home parent, who desperately desires to tap back into the talents and passions they have been blessed with, but feel them slipping away.  It’s not too late.  The answers lie just beneath the surface of what you see in the mirror, and this program is just the tool to help you uncover them.

Whether it is finding guidance with a career change, enhancing your current situation with a home based business, or pursuing the ideal avocation or volunteer situation, this Pathfinder Course will reveal the quickest possible path to that ideal situation.

This program will serve as your filter for whether the next big opportunity is a good fit for you, or merely another distraction to take you off course. We don’t know what is ultimately in store for us, but that’s the beauty of life. By staying on course, you will be blessed exceedingly more than you could ever ask for or imagine.

Our job is to recognize the misdirection’s that come along the way, and this Pathfinder Course is the one tool that will come through for you when those confusing times come.

The Pathfinder Course includes:

checkmark    Pathfinder Workbook download

•     Help you reveal your customized combination of the 3 critical Pathfinder components:

o        Passions

o        Signature Strengths

o        Income

       Map out and identify a direct, strategic path to your ideal personal career destination

o     Most people make career moves that seem to be ‘better’, but ultimately lead to the same frustration.  This program identifies your mistakes before you make them.

         Develop your own ‘Destination Statement’

o     This program draws out of you your personal combination of standards, mission statement, goals and dreams and then forms them into one beautiful ‘Destination Statement’.  You may survive with out this, but you will fully thrive having this written down.

•     Provide you with specific entrepreneurial strategies to launch your personal business

o     If a second business is in the cards for you, we give you the mindset and tools to assure that you will be among the 10% of small businesses that make it.

       Have instant confirmation that you are clearly on your path to a lifetime of abundance

o     No more guessing if you are on a ladder that is leaning on the wrong building.  Confidently avoid the most common mistakes career seekers make.

        Convert your passions and dreams into your purpose

o     If you are struggling to find your calling, this program helps you uncover your overarching purpose by clarifying, then releasing you to your calling. 

checkmark    7 Audio downloads

  • Have Erik Carlson personally walk you through the 7 steps to create the path to your dreams
  • Hear Erik before a live conference, motivating an enthusiastic crowd to live their dreams

  • Hear Erik partake in inspiring one-on-one interviews with real life success stories



Order now, and take the first step to assuring you are on the ideal path to your dreams



triangle7 Steps to Discovering True Prosperity in Your Career - Pathfinder Course with Personal Coaching


Now you can receive the complete Pathfinder self study course with personal coaching from Erik Carlson, who brings over 10 years of professional coaching, training and mentoring to the table.



You decide which program is right for you:

1) Order the self study course by itself to work through the steps at your own pace.


2) Order the self study course with personal coaching from Erik himself.


Mark Fowler

Since I became a coaching client of Erik Carlson, I have gained much needed clarity for my career direction.

After nearly 15 years in the same industry I have become complacent and paralyzed by a fear of the unknown which has kept me from pursuing opportunities that are better suited to my passion and gifts.

Erik's Pathfinder program takes a very complex concept and simplifies it in a unique way.  As a result of working with Erik I now have a clear vision of what my ideal career looks like and actionable steps to make the vision become reality.  

If it weren't for Erik's guidance, I would have probably spend the next 15 years in an unfulfilling JOB and looked back regretting that I didn't do something about it. Thanks Erik."  

Marc F., McKinney, TX


      Receive everything offered in the Self Study course PLUS:

      Get 2 personal one hour coaching calls from Erik Carlson.  Erik has an amazing gift of helping clear the clutter, and walk you through the process of discovering your true gifts, passions and dreams, and then releasing you to experience the life you were meant to live.

     Uncover your top 5 strength themes through an online assessment (many say this alone is the largest “ah-ha” moment of the program)

     Receive your hard copy customized Pathfinder Report that you will always have to keep you focused and insure the best decision is made when future business, career and volunteer opportunities come your way.       



Order now, and take the first step to assuring you are on the ideal path to your dreams.


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Erik's presentation was bright and uplifting. The crowd definitely left in a more positive state of mind than when they came in
~ Dan Biddle, Ph.D., CEO,
Biddle Consulting Group

Erik's presentation was captivating!  I like his approach of engaging the audience while delivering a strong business message with entertainment.  The combination is really

~ Scott Treece, Operations Manager FEC