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October 2008


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Note From Erik:

As many of you know, I have a financial advisor practice, and as you can imagine, these past few weeks have been quite busy for me. I have had countless discussions and group presentations with my clients, calming their fears as they experience the volatility in the stock market. Volatility is a promise in life, as well. I hope this week's newsletter keeps you above the line in these crazy times.

To Living Above the Line,


Above The Line Article:

"Volatility, friend or foe?"

By Erik Carlson

The one ingredient that makes this current stock market slump so unique is the constant media coverage. One can only take so much doom and gloom. When people like Oprah, who has a gazillion women watch her, say "the sky is falling', it creates fear, and even panic. My wife is an amazing hair stylist. She came home from cutting all these women's hair last week, and she told me they all were scared stiff from the economic 'crisis', and wanted to know my take regarding their retirement plans.

The key is focusing on the big picture. With retirement plans, that is typically a 20+ year time horizon before you will spend down your monies. That's a long time to let your money grow. To panic and sell now would be a mistake. We are all human, and we make mistakes with our money when we are swayed by either fear or greed.

Every bear market (down market), within a few years, always hits new highs. It has always happened. It has never not happened. I agree with Suzie Orman, a popular financial 'talking head' seen on T.V., that people with retirement accounts who contribute on a regular basis, with longer than 10 year time horizons should be rejoicing in this volatile time. They should rejoice that they have an opportunity to buy stock mutual funds at amazing discounts to where they will be when their retirement years come.

This is a classic example of how volatility can be your best friend. Volatility, in stock market terms, means the extreme ups and downs. It feels like a roller-coaster ride, and if you look at your statement too many times, you just might hurl. The best advice is to turn off the news, ignore your statement, and go live your life (while continuing to save!).

When life hits you with volatile times, those extreme ups and downs, try to focus on the big picture. If you have just hit a 5-year low, and you are in a 'bear market', and feel like you are about to hurl, remember this: Your toughest times will ultimately build character and perseverance. You may not know how, but you will make it through. It is in these times that God is glorified, for when we are weak, He is strong (2 Corinthians 12: 9,10). Some of the biggest blessings in life come from when we can help others in an area that we have had struggles.

Try and keep this perspective and I promise you that you will look back and say 'volatility has become my friend'. Your life will be blessed beyond what you could ever ask or imagine.
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About Erik Carlson:

Erik Carlson is a sought after speaker and entertainer. His keynote topics blend the experiences and wisdom from his successful business career, and couples it with side splitting comedy magic that will leave your audience astonished and inspired.

Erik is the author and creator of his pathfinder self study course which is a step-by-step roadmap to discovering true prosperity in your career.

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