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November 2008


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Note From Erik:

I had to wait to write this newsletter until after the election. As I watch the results and see that our new President will be Barack Obama, I have some thoughts that I hope will inspire you. Of course, I need to tie my ideas into my basketball experience, but I trust you will catch my spirit.

To Living Above the Line,


Above The Line Article:

"A New Season"

By Erik Carlson

My wife is always impressed that I can go out and play pick-up basketball, get beat up on, get into heated arguments, see tempers fly; then when the game ends, it’s all over. Yes, I may need to apologize from time to time for my flagrant fouls, but when the game is over, it’s over. The next time we lace up our sneakers, I can joke around with the same guy who split my lip with his elbow the week before. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I do believe there is something to say about moving on.

Yes, my friends, we are in a new season in our country. It’s like a new game. Regardless of who you voted for, and how heated the fight got during the race, the contest is over. Let’s hang up the laces. How can we best move on in spite of our differences? I have a few thoughts.

I believe we need to behave like the remarkable Americans that we are. We need to start praying for our new President, and our leaders. We need to encourage each other by living our lives to their fullest potential. I truly believe that the human spirit is incredibly resilient, and though their might still be doom and gloom in the air, as I mention in my newsletter last month (from which I received tremendous feedback), these tough times can become rocket fuel to take us to our best times.

Let’s continue to play to our strengths. Dust those dreams off of the shelf, and believe that they are now possible. Fight like you’ve never fought before. In the Old Testament when Nehemiah was leading his people to rebuild the temple, he said “do not be afraid ... remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, fight for your sons and your daughters, fight for your wives and fight for your homes”. It’s time to see what we’re made of. We just might surprise ourselves. Forget about the past and any hurt feelings or worries; and remember that the rest of our days are the best of our days. Now let’s go get ‘em!

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About Erik Carlson:

Erik Carlson is a sought after speaker and entertainer. His keynote topics blend the experiences and wisdom from his successful business career, and couples it with side splitting comedy magic that will leave your audience astonished and inspired.

Erik is the author and creator of his pathfinder self study course which is a step-by-step roadmap to discovering true prosperity in your career.

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