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July 2008


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Note From Erik:

Happy July. I just got back from running our NBC Basketball camp in Rocklin, CA. This is an amazing camp. You can see highlights and videos at our camp blog:

My Above The Line Article is from an experience at this camp, and I hope it touches you as it touched me. Enjoy your summer!

To Living Above the Line,


Above The Line Article:

"A Young Man's Impact"

By Erik Carlson

I have been coaching at NBC basketball camp ( for 23 years. I now co-direct 2 sites; one week in Rocklin, CA, and the other in the Napa Valley. Basketball is one of those amazing platforms that can teach life skills.

This past week, I have to tell you about a young man of 15 years old who won our camp MVP award. He was not the most skilled or developed player, but he represented all that our camp stands for, and impacted an entire camp. His name is Victor, but everyone called him ‘Alaska’, because he came all the way to California from the small town of North Pole Alaska.

2 years ago he answered the door to discover his father had been killed in Iraq. At 15 years old, he is now a brother and a father figure to his baby brother. He is a rock for his mother. He was nothing but encouragement to the players in his league at camp. As I got to know him, he just oozed out of him a beauty that made everyone fall in love with him.

After he shared his story with me, as I was drying my tear-filled eyes, I went over to visit our coaches that were reviewing the letters that our campers wrote to their parents or loved ones the night before. We give a camp award to the best letter; if the student wishes to submit the letter, they leave it unsealed. I read Victor’s letter, and it was written to his late Father. He wanted to tell him how much he loved him, and that it was knowing that he was in heaven looking down that gave Victor strength to live a pure life of inspiration. Now my tears turned to an open floodgate.

As I delivered Victor’s MVP award and letter award at the camp closing ceremonies, tears were in both parents and students eyes alike. This young man impacted lives simply by living his own life, despite his circumstances, so selflessly, that he made everyone else’s a little more blessed. If you want to read Victor’s letter, go to our blog: and get a taste of pure love.

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