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February 2008


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Note From Erik:

Welcome to my February newsletter. First of all, let me apologize for the extra emails that went out last month. A technical glitch released them, and I have rectified the situation! On with the encouragement…

When it comes to fighting through obstacles, I have had my share of black eyes and kicked in teeth out in the front lines of battle in my 16 years of sales and business experience. I have delivered countless sales trainings to my producers, and have come up with some extremely lethal strategies. Some battles are lost at times, but in general, the war will be won.

Today, I am going to speak to the obstacles that everyone faces. You may not be in sales, but you are definitely knee deep in the game of life in the 21st century. These obstacles that I am talking about are the ones that you are much too familiar with. I don't know what they are specifically for you, but I have an idea that the most destructive obstacles you face come from within.

Enjoy the Above the Line article, as well as the Magic Minute audio, and learn how the best of the best fight through vicious obstacles.

To Living Above the Line,


Above The Line Article:

Rising Above Obstacles

By Erik Carlson

I don't know about you, but I have become very familiar with the sets of obstacles that stand in the way of me reaching my dreams. Today I'm talking about the obstacles that come from deep within myself: Fear, anxiety, lack of faith, focusing on the negatives as opposed to the positives in my life. The self-saboteur inside us is the most destructive enemy to living above the line.

So today, in an effort to give both you and me a jolt of inspiration, I am going to relay a story that my pastor has told several times in the past 10 years. Every time I hear it, I get both convicted and inspired. It goes like this:

There was a world war two pilot while flying over water heard a noise in the steering column of his airplane. He discovered that a rat was gnawing at the lines, and if the rat was successful, he would lose steering and crash into the ocean. Unable to get out of his seat to kill the rat, he thought about the problem, and came up with an idea. He thought to himself "rats are just vermin that do their damage scampering around the ground. I'm going to take this rat to a place it has never gone before." The pilot proceeded to climb in altitude. Finally, at 25,000 feet the gnawing noise stopped. The high elevation killed the rat. He proceeded to descend to his normal altitude, and avoided a catastrophe.

What are the rats in your life? The ugly ones that keep coming out of the woodwork when you least need them, and gnaw at the fabric of your being. They are sneaky, and can take you down below the line in a heartbeat. Whether they are fear, worry, self doubt, habitual stress, or your own special favorite; do like the pilot did, and just rise up. Rise above to heights that almighty God reins supreme, and bring them to a place that they simply cannot survive.

If you have read my special report, "Rise Above: Living above the Line", you will be familiar with my 3 life changing strategies to combat the battles that bring us all down. In short, here they are: Refresh your mind, Reveal your talents, and Refocus on the big picture. When we fall below the line, it is generally due to failing in one or more of these 3 areas. Developing these strategies into habits will successfully help you Rise Above in the quickest possible time. Let's fight like crazy to stay above the line. The price of dwelling below the line is just too big.


Magic Minute Audio:

This month's audio message: I Can't See the Dark

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About Erik Carlson:

Erik Carlson is a sought after speaker and entertainer. His keynote topics blend the experiences and wisdom from his successful business career, and couples it with side splitting comedy magic that will leave your audience astonished and inspired.

Erik is the author and creator of his pathfinder self study course which is a step-by-step roadmap to discovering true prosperity in your career.

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