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June 2010


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Yes, I have been offline, having missed my newsletter the past couple of months. It’s not for lack of blessings to share; I simply have had too many things going on. But today I’d like to share some insights I have recently received regarding fulfilling ones calling. Specifically, are your dreams just ‘pie in the sky’ dreams, or are they truly your calling? Let me know your thoughts on this…

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"Dreams vs. Your Calling"

By Erik Carlson

I was sitting on a park bench visiting with a 90-year-old man named Gil and his daughter, Bonnie. They were at the ‘Joni and Friends’ special needs camp our family attended in the Santa Cruz Redwood mountains a couple of weeks ago. I love listening to first-hand stories of surviving the Great Depression; and life wisdom from my elders.

After listening for an hour to fascinating life stories, they asked me about me (one of my favorite topics). I shared with them how I have been speaking and entertaining, and how the Lord has used that in my life. For a few reasons, I had a lack of confidence in this area of my life, so when they assured me that God wouldn’t put such a dream in my heart for the past 25 years if He didn’t want to continue using me in that way, it gave me a renewed hope.

But just yesterday, it was brought to my attention by some good friends who know me deeply; both the good and the bad. They said “Erik, it’s about time you stopped using the word ‘dream’, and start using the word ‘Calling’. This is your calling, and you know it. When you’re following that, it is an act of obedience to the Lord, not just chasing a dream.”

Wow. For some reason, I never looked at it that way. But I have received many confirmations that my speaking and entertaining is the ‘life work’ God has called me to. For instance, I had a Facebook message from the youth pastor in Lewiston, Idaho, that told me a high school girl named Chrissy, who was in a group home that I performed and spoke in, had ‘miraculously’ opened up after my visit. She was the classic example of the kid who sat in the corner ignoring the message and wouldn’t let anyone into her world. Well, I saw her there and, during my magic act, I went up to her and did some magic with her in front of her friends. She lit up the room with her smile and laughter that, until then, was nowhere to be found. So when my youth pastor friend, who sees her weekly, told me that she has totally opened up and is receiving the Gospel message of love from Christ, I take feedback like that as confirmation that I’m in my ‘sweet spot’ within my calling.

So enough about me… what do YOU think of me… I mean YOU!!! What are the dreams that have been with you as long as you can remember? Are they still dreams? Are you living them? Has there been confirmation that you are in God’s pleasure when you are doing this? Is it time to graduate your dream to your calling? Give this some thought. Run it by close friends who really know you; warts and all! Living above the line is what I often call the 3:20 factor (Ephesians 3:20), where God will do exceedingly and abundantly far more than you could ever ask or imagine…Let’s encourage each other in this area. Affirm a friend, and be open to your own affirmation of your calling.

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About Erik Carlson:

Erik Carlson is a sought after speaker and entertainer. His keynote topics blend the experiences and wisdom from his successful business career, and couples it with side splitting comedy magic that will leave your audience astonished and inspired.

Erik is the author and creator of his pathfinder self study course which is a step-by-step roadmap to discovering true prosperity in your career.

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