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December 2009


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Check out the picture of our little Nathan in this newsletter. This is uncharted for Sacramento: waking up to 5 inches of snow in our yard. My wife has lived here her entire life and has never seen this. This is simply a reminder to me that we are living in uncharted times. Be it on a macro-level, with our world-wide happenings, or our day-to-day challenges; these are truly unprecedented times. Read on as I share how I'll be approaching the New Year. And, I sincerely wish you the merriest of Christmases, praying for the love of the Christ-child to overwhelm you and your loved ones!

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"Uncharted Territory"

By Erik Carlson

I posted a status update on Facebook recently that read "Already setting goals for 2010." I love reading funny responses to my updates; one read "stop making us all look bad." My response to that one is that going deep with goal setting is really new territory for me. I've always set production goals, and 'typical' goals, but I've never gone as deep as I'm going for 2010.

I'm even setting goals for how early I'm going to get up, and exactly what I'm going to do in those early hours. I was inspired by friend and actor, Jim Caviezel; after he spoke to our church two weekends ago, he told me the most important thing he does to prepare for his career is daily time in prayer. Talk about a kick in the pants. How on earth could I have gotten so skimpy with the most important part of my day?

The stakes are high. My goals and dreams are lofty, so I need to build my foundation. My goals will be much more detailed this year. In fact, I am consulting a coach to help me with this. But to me, the most important part of my goals, my day, and my new year, will be how much I draw from and rely on the power of the Almighty that changed mankind with a little baby 2000 years ago. It blows me away that Jesus' life was talked about hundreds of years before he was even born (check out the book of Isaiah), being called "Emmanuel", which means "God with us". Wow!

I didn't think I'd get so goal-oriented on this newsletter, but I guess I'm realizing how important it is. My purpose for this months' message is to get you to ask yourself “What is my game plan for these new, uncharted times we are facing?" Let's drink in all that this Christmas season has to offer us, and let that launch us to a screamin' hot 2010 that blows away 2009!

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