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December 2008


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Note From Erik:

Here is one reason why I love the Christmas season. When I speak at corporate events, I weave my message around my comedy, magic and stories; and I always use fun music tracks to enhance my presentation. Yesterday, I spoke to a corporation, but because it's the Christmas season, I used 'Here comes Santa Clause" by Elvis Presley, and "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams. December is the only month I can get away with that, but the laughter and cheer is worth it. I hope you enjoy hearing what I shared yesterday to 150 enthusiastic employees. Oh yeah, I can't wait to share with you next month about my exciting developments coming in 2009!

To Living Above the Line,


Above The Line Article:

"Give Christmas Your 'All'"

By Erik Carlson

Right before I got up to speak to the employees of a large corporation in Sacramento, they were addressed by a vendor they serve that was sharing with them how excellent they have been performing, and how happy his clients are.  Then, he went on to say how he did not know for sure if they would be contracted the following year, because of the economy.  It would have to go up for bid again, and because this is such a large vendor, it would most certainly mean layoffs if the contract was not renewed.  This obviously made some people feel uneasy.

Among the ideas I shared with them, I hammered the point that because they had done such an amazing job in 2008, and  over-delivered what they had promised, that they could be proud, and they can rest confidently knowing they did everything they could do to earn the business for 2009.  It’s easier to look at your self in the mirror, and trust the path your life takes if you simply ‘come ready to play’ every day (this was point 3 in my talk). 

This reminds me of when I tried out for basketball in Junior High.  My father told me to give it my best, and leave it all on the court, so if I end up getting cut, at least I’d have no regrets knowing that I gave it my best, and maybe could learn from that effort for the following year.  I ended up getting cut in both 7th and 8th grade, but because I had the proper attitude going into each season, I knew what I needed to work on to get better.  I ended up making the team in 9th grade, playing varsity in High School, and playing 3 years in College; earning a scholarship.  To this day, I’m a basketball junkie, playing 2-3 times per week.

I still remember the pain of getting cut, but that experience developed my character, and made me stronger to take on life.  So how does this tie into the Christmas season?  There are many roses to smell in life, so enjoy this ‘most wonderful time of the year’, and take time to soak in the sweet aroma of Christmas with all that you have.  Do this with the same conscientiousness that you do when you take on the other aspects of your life (this message is for my own perspectiveJ).  Merry Christmas, and thank you for making my 2008 a dream year!

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About Erik Carlson:

Erik Carlson is a sought after speaker and entertainer. His keynote topics blend the experiences and wisdom from his successful business career, and couples it with side splitting comedy magic that will leave your audience astonished and inspired.

Erik is the author and creator of his pathfinder self study course which is a step-by-step roadmap to discovering true prosperity in your career.

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